Action Alert

SB341 An Act To Amend the Woman's Right-to-Know Act; To provide information on reversing the effects of abortion-inducing drugs; and for other purposes.

Contact your State Senator and State Representative to vote FOR SB341



The Abortion Pill (RU 486) is used up to the 10th week of pregnancy and accounts for about 30% of all abortions.


  • Mothers who choose medication/medical abortion but change their mind before taking the second pill have a chance to save their child with quick medical intervention from qualified physicians at 877-558-0333.


  • Over 500 babies have been born after their mothers changed their mind and got reversal treatment.


  • Arkansas Right to Life needs your help in our educational campaign to help promote this life-saving opportunity to pregnant women who have the medication abortion and regret it.




Call or email Arkansas Right to Life for literature and petitions or schedule a speaker to help educate those in your church and community about the Abortion Pill Reversal.