2018 General Election Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The following endorsements have been made in the 2018 General Election:

U.S. House of Representatives

District 1 - Congressman Rick Crawford (R)

District 2 - Congressman French Hill (R)

District 3 - Congressman Steve Womack (R)

District 4 - Congressman Bruce Westerman (R)


Governor Asa Hutchinson (R)

Lt. Governor

Lt. Governor Tim Griffin (R)

Secretary of State

John Thurston (R)

Attorney General

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (R)

Land Commissioner

Tommy Land (R)

AR Senate

District 3

Senator Cecile Bledsoe (R)

District 4

Dawn Clemence (R)

District 5

Representative Bob Ballinger (R)

District 14

Senator Bill Sample (R)

District 19

Representative James Sturch (R)

District 33

Representative Kim Hammer (R)

District 35

Senator Jason Rapert (R)

AR House

District 5

Wade Andrews (R)

District 15

Representative Ken Bragg (R)

District 18

Representative Richard Womack (R)

District 19

Representative Justin Gonzales (R)

District 21

Representative Marcus Richmond (R)

District 24

Representative Bruce Cozart (R)

District 28

Jasen Kelley (R)

District 31

Representative Andy Davis (R)

District 32

Representative Jim Sorvillo (R)

District 38

Representative Carlton Wing (R)

District 39

Representative Mark Lowery (R)

District 41

Representative Karilyn Brown (R)

District 42

Linda Dyson (R)

District 49

Representative  Steve Hollowell (R)

District 54

Representative Johnny Rye (R)

District 67

Representative Stephen Meeks (R)

District 69

Representative Aaron Pilkington (R)

District 70

Spencer Hawks (R)

District 71

Joe Cloud (R)

District 73

Representative Mary Bentley (R)

District 77

Representative Justin Boyd (R)

District 80

Represenative Charlene Fite (R)

District 81

Representative Bruce Coleman (R)

District 84

Representative Charlie Collins (R)

District 87

Representative Robin Lundstrum (R)

District 90

Representative Jana Della Rose (R)

District 92

Gayla Hendren McKenzie (R)

District 93

Representative Jim Dotson (R)

District 94

Representative Rebecca Petty (R)

District 95

Representative Austin McCollum (R)

District 97

Harlan Breaux (R)

NOTE:  After the printing of the Voter Guide - a 100% questionnaire was received from AR House District 70 candidate Spencer Hawks and AR House District 19 candidate Rep. Justin Gonzales.