Special Elections set for Tuesday May 22, 2018

Early voting begins Monday May 7th for the following Special Elections:

Arkansas Senate District 8 (Sebastian County)

Arkansas Senate District 16 (includes parts of Boone, Carroll, Van Buren counties and Newton and Pope counties).

Arkansas Senate District 29 (includes parts of Faulkner, Lonoke, Pulaski and White counties)

Arkansas House of Representatives District 83 (includes parts of Boone, Carroll, Pope and Searcy counties and Newton county)

Arkansas Right to Life sent our Candidate Questionnaire to all the candidates who have filed for this Special Election.  Their responses are reported below to these selected questions:

1. Do you support the reversal of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisons, so that elected legislative bodies may once again protect unborn children by limiting or prohibiting abortion?

2. Will you support a law preventing discriminatory denial of treatment medically necessary to prevent the death of a patient against the will of the patient or the patient's representative?

                                                                                 Question 1.                                  Question 2.

AR Sente District 8

Denny Altes (R)                                                              Yes                                             Yes

Frank Glidewell (R)                                                         Yes                                             Yes

Rep. Mathew Pitsch (R)                                                 (did not return our questionnaire)

AR Senate  District 16

Teresa Gallegos (D)                                                        (did not return our questionnaire)

Breanne Davis (R)                                                     Yes                                                 Yes

AR Senate District 29

Steven McNeely (D)                                                       (returned a letter response)

Ricky Hill (R)                                                              Yes                                                 Yes

AR House of Representatives District 83

Donald Ragland (R)                                                   Yes                                                Yes

Timmy Reid (R)                                                         Yes                                                 Yes

Keith Slape (R)                                                            (did not return our questionnaire)