Hello? It's Arkansas Right to Life calling!


We began another calling campaign on Wednesday, August 23rd with an update on the theft of the Crosses for Life Memorial Outreach trailer and 4,000 crosses and the lawsuits that have been filed to stop pro-life laws enacted by the AR General Assembly in 2017 from going into law.

So many of you signed our petition to Ban Dismemberment Abortion over the last 2 years to show your support in banning this horrific abortion procedure that literally tears apart the bodies of living unborn children late in pregnancy to kill them.  We passed the ban, the Governor signed it into law and then days before it was to go in effect a federal judge STOPPED it!

Just like the thief that took our crosses, our law to protect unborn children from a brutal abortion procedure has been taken away from us.  Now we face a long court battle to save living unborn children from death by dismemberment abortion!  We will continue gathering support on the Ban Dismemberment Abortion petitions in our fight to defend our Arkansas Unborn Child Protection from Dismsmemberment Abortion law and in support of the federal law banning dismembement abortion that is now in Congress.

When you get our call, please help with a donation that will make you a part of our lifesaving membership!  We need your help! Don't wait to get a call donate now on this website.  Thank you!