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Stop Webcam Abortions in Arkansas!

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland want to use women in Arkansas as guinea pigs for a program they are rolling out nationwide, where women are having RU-486 abortions after seeing a doctor only by webcam. This perversion of "Telemedicine" technology will put Arkansas women in danger. We must stop this. RU-486 (Medication) Abortions take longer and are bloodier than a surgical abortion. The women take the first drug at the Planned Parenthood office, then take additional drugs that will abort their baby at home. These abortions are more profitable for Planned Parenthood, but traumatic for women, who will have to deal with the body of the dead baby at home. Please sign our petition. The names will be presented to the Arkansas Legislature as our Senators and Representatives consider Pro-Life legislation and to the Arkansas Medical Board as evidence that Arkansans do not want this.

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Arkansas Right to Life
P.O. Box 1697
Little Rock, AR 72203

For more information, call us at 501.663.4237.

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