Abortions DOWN in Arkansas!

The 2015 Induced Aboriton data is now available at www.healthy.arkansas.gov from the Arkansas Department of Health website.  The good news is that abortions in many categories are DOWN from the 2014 report!

Youth Outreach Programs help to end abortion!

ATTENTION PRO-LIFE STUDENTS! July 29-31 our Youth Outreach will host the 6th AR Camp Joshua for teens aged 14-19 to learn about pro-life issues to become better equipped to help tear down the walls of the Culture of Death in our nation and to become prepared to be tomorrow's Pro-life leaders! visit www.campjoshuaar.org for registration information.

Our annual youth activities work to help students research, study, refine and articulate their pro-life beliefs:

Pro-Life Essay Contest - for students 7th-12th grade

Arkansas 2016 Primary Election March 1st

The Arkansas 2016 Primary Election is Tuesday March 1, 2016.  

Early voting begins Tuesday, February 16th and will end Monday, February 29th at 5:00 p.m.

Visit our Political Action Page to see the candidates who have been endorsed for election by Arkansas Right to Life and check out the responses of all the candidates to our 2016 Candidate Questionnaire in the Arkansas Right to Life 2016 Preferential Primary Election Voter's Guide.

Please Vote Pro-Life!

Join us for the Arkansas Annual March for Life Sunday January 17th in Little Rock!

The 38th Annual March for Life will be held on Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. in downtown Little Rock.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Wishing all of our members and friends of Life a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year in 2016 from all of us at Arkansas Right to Life!

Watch. Listen & Learn How You Can Put An End to Planned Parenthood's Baby Body Part Business!

On Tuesday, September 8th, please tune in to Arkansas Alive with Pastor Happy Caldwell on KVTN Channel 25 as he discusses the recently released undercover videos that expose Planned Parenthood's selling the body parts from the babies they abort in clinics across the United States.  Rose Mimms, Executive Director, explains how current legislation can put an end to this grisly business.  Learn what you can do to help stop it!  Watch at 5 p.m. or 10 p.m. or visit www.vtntv.com and click on Arkansas Alive and then click on Arkansas Right to Life.

Abortion pill reversal Doctor to visit Little Rock and Rogers August 28-29th

Now, for the first time, it may be possible for a woman undergoing a medication abortion who changes her mind to save her baby!  Dr. George Delgado is coming to Arkansas to explain how this may be possible for a woman in the first stages of taking the abortion pill, RU486. The protocol devised by him has resulted in 115 live births with 70 women currently pregnant after using the protocol.

Help us to Ban Dismemberment Abortion in 2017!

Arkansas Right to Life's next legislative priority will be to ban Dismemberment Abortion in Arkansas in 2017.  Commonly referred to as D&E abortions, this method used to kill unborn children after 12 weeks is particularly brutal and barbaric.  We urge extreme caution when using the materials that we have developed in our campaign to educate our members and the public about this method of abortion. We now have petitions and literature available upon request or available to download under our Action Alert.  

Medication Abortion Reversal

It is a fact that women often regret an abortion, sometimes immediately following the procedure.  But for women undergoing the medication/medical/chemical abortion using the RU486 method, there is hope! The Culture of Life Family Services offers a website abortionpillreversal.com that has a nurse on call 24/7, a toll-free telephone number (877) 558-0333, and a network of 200 participating physicians around the country trained to effectively reverse the abortion in most cases.


NOW is the time to plan on what you can do to help elect PRO-LIFE candidates to office!  The 2016 Election is UPON us!  Unborn babies are counting on you to get involved! We need to IDENTIFY pro-life volunteers in all 75 counties in Arkansas to help us defeat pro-abortion candidates who want to keep abortion legal and make sure that Planned Parenthood continues to get millions of your taxpayer dollars! There are numerous volunteer opportunities to help save unborn babies and end legal abortion in Arkansas.  There is something for EVERYONE!